AMP 6700 Smart Terminal

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Smart Multimedia PIN Pad

Engage customers in new ways with the 6700’s crystal clear 7” colour touch display and video capabilities, all while accepting whatever payment options appeal to them. From signature capture to tap, dip, swipe and chip & PIN, the 6700 does it all. A fully secure processor paired with Android provides the power and applications to meet the most demanding multi-lane or self-checkout environments. Optimized for the next generation of value-added services, gift card issuing and support of loyalty schemes, the 6700 is the ultimate multimedia solution.

Smart Features

    • Easily pay with Dip, Tap, Swipe, or Scan
    • EMV Level I & II Contact & Contactless
    • Dual-Band WIFI, LAN, Bluetooth, USB, RS232
    • 7” TFT LCD display
    • PCI 5.X Certified
    • Optimized for 3rd Party Value & Apps


    • Dual processor – 32-bit secure + Quad-core Cortex A9 Kernel, 1.2GHz


    • EMV 4.3e level I & II, PCI 4.X, NFC, PTCRB,
    • D-Pass, Expresspay, Interac Flash, JCB Contactless, Mastercard Contactless, Visa Paywave


    • Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G, 4G, GPS, Micro USB OTG


    • Full colour 7” LCD, color touch screen, signature capture, video capable


    • 8 or 16GB flash, 1GB DDR


    • High speed, easy loading, 58mm paper width, 40 mm roll diameter


(178x203x39mm) – (7x8x1.5”) LxWxH